Ducky are the family of inflatable foldable sailing catamarans, in simple terms – the yacht from backpack. Their main feature is mobility. Comparing with solid body catamarans, Ducky are usually 1.5 – 2 times lighter in weight, in several times better in load capacity, but same time are very compact when packed. They can be transported in any vehicle, even within an ordinary passenger car. Original designer decisions allow them be quickly assembled and disassembled without the use of keys or other tools. Made from modern materials with the use of advanced technologies, they are a good alternative to classic sailboats.

With the Ducky catamaran you will not get bored on the beach and will diversify your family vacation. Participation in regattas will allow you realize your racing ambitions, get the necessary adrenalin and just make new friends. A Ducky catamaran will always be your reliable helper, even if you decide to accomplish the real autonomous trip to the most wild and extreme places of our planet. In any case you will get an unforgettable pleasure of your Ducky, and your life will be filled with interesting events!

Ducky catamarans have a good balance between price, high quality, and consumer properties. This is a reasonable choice of the modern person who values the own time and knows how to count money. By buying a Ducky, you will get mobile, easy, fast, reliable and powerful wind-driven catamaran, as well as complete freedom of actions. With your catamaran you will not be the hostage of one yacht-club and indeed will be able to travel all around the globe! Special trailer is not required, specially equipped storage space for a winter time neither. You can organize your holiday with the money saved on yacht club’s membership fees, storage costs, etc.

Regardless of what your priority is: fan, sports, your child’s training or an extreme expedition, among the Ducky catamarans you will find the best solution! Our wide range of products is designed to best meet your needs!