Possibility of addition of video!

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Possibility of addition of video!

Post by Vitaliy » Wed Dec 15, 2010 2:06 pm

Dear friends! :)

Now, an option which allows to show video appeared on our forum! Use this possibility!
First, video needs to be placed, for example, on YuoTube. For the insertion of video on a forum it is needed just to insert a code from reference on video, which in an example
is distinguished by a bold face font:


During editing of report it will look so:
button: youtube aIA0JC7kWYU button:/youtube will turn out : [youtube]code of video[/youtube]

On completion, in your revealing to video must look so:

Good luck, if there will be some questions, at laying out of video - write, feel free - everything we will settle! :)
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